Recession is impacting 2023 Budget Planning - CIOs face more challenges in the budgeting process since the dot-com bust. To expand or contract?
18,000 new jobs for IT Pros were created last month and forecast is that 196K jobs will be created even with the threat of a recession. Hiring of IT…
Budget planning for 2023 is in its initial phases. Median salary for IT Pros edges up to $100K and will be targeted by management if a cost cutting…
Three month trend for creation of new IT Jobs down. There is an increasing belief among C-Level executives that we are already or soon will be in a…
Janco reports fewer IT functions meet defined Service Level Agreements - 14 Best Practices defined for ITSM and SOA
Signs are appearing that we are in a recession
Robust Job Descriptions are needed for career path definitions and setting pay grades
IT Job Market continues to grow – clouds appear for the 4th Quarter
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